Life has been a little hectic for everyone in the past few weeks, so I hope everyone is doing well and taking care of yourself. If you’re stuck inside, it’s the perfect time to play some music. One of the things my old teacher taught me that has stuck with me is that not only do you need to practice, but you also need to remember to take time to play music for yourself, just for the joy of it. So, try it, don’t do an etude or a study, just play a piece of music you enjoy.

I’ve been lucky that life is fairly normal here, but I still halfway took this advice. I play a lot off lead sheets at work, just doing simple children’s songs on my guilele, so I wanted to try that a bit on Russian guitar. Rather than children’s songs, I looked at some hymn lead sheets, feeling that a lot of people could use a warming hymn right now. This is my first attempt at this kind of playing on Russian guitar, and I’ve found since I haven’t recorded in a while the nerves are back a bit (though they’re much better than they were). While it needs polish, I’m happy with it for a quick reading, and I think the voicing on the Russian guitar works really well to read this style of music. I hope you enjoy it because I’d like to do a few hymns like this to get a little variety in and get away from the Sychra Journal a while.

Coming up I also want to keep writing my own music, though I think I need to be honest with myself and focus more on playing guitar rather and do more writing later on. I hope to start getting into the Morkov method, and I also want to explore Russian guitar as an accompanying instrument rather than a solo instrument. What can it do holding down the bass and chords? And more importantly, how well do I remember how to play harmonica? 

Today’s practice is Break Thou the Bread of Life. If you’re interested in hymn lead sheets you can find a ton of them on this site as well as children’s music and other resources, though those are mostly for piano.

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