Back Into It

The Lunar New Year ended and I was back to work. This ate into my motivation more than I would have liked, but I also had some adulting to take care of as the saying goes. Don’t worry though, I haven’t disappeared. I am in fact keeping plenty busy with my creative work and am getting started on my next Riverside Sketch. This has much more of a melancholy feel to it, and I’m enjoying messing around with it. 

I’m using a different pentatonic set than the ones that appeared in the first sketch, and we’ll see where I end up for a B section. I find even though I’m not a good pianist, I prefer to write at the piano. There is something about the visual organization of piano that helps me keep track of everything as I think. So, if you take a peek, the voicings on some of the support chords and such might change once I take it to guitar proper, but I think it’s shaping up nicely.

Also because I can’t keep focused on anything, I had a sudden itch to write some lyrics, so we’ll see what happens with that, though don’t worry, I’d be convincing my friends to sing. I wouldn’t subject you to my own voice if that ever gets recorded and finds its way to the blog. 

And a final note, as I’ve been going over pieces getting more practice in on my makeshift seven, I realized that somehow I completely missed a key change in a piece that was one of my favorites to play. That’s kind of embarrassing, but hey, it gives me chance to record it again in the future.

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