I’ve been practicing on my classical guitar in an open G tuning for a while, and while it works to get acquainted with Russian guitar, I have of course, wanted a seven string. This weekend I finally had the time to sit down and do something about that. 

I’m not really in a position where I want, umm…  well I want to, but I shouldn’t buy a new guitar, nor do I have a workshop so building is a slow process where I have different obstacles to overcome (hopefully I’ll have some posts about what I am trying to build in the not too distant future.) I was left thinking what can I do with the guitars I have. I’ve thought about a million ways to put a seventh string on my classical, but nothing was practical. Then it occured to me, I could adjust my old twelve string guitar.

My poor twelve string hasn’t seen much love recently, so it wasn’t in the front of my mind, but once I got to it, I realized it had everything I needed. Enough pin holes in the bridge, enough tuners on the headstock that all I needed to do was saw new slots in the nut. 

Then by fiddling with the pins, I got the bridge spacing set. It’s definitely an ad lib solution, and the strings are a bit closer together than I’d like, even with the wider twelve string neck. I need heavier strings since the soundboard is super thick. Despite all that though, it’s great fun to play and my fingers are adapting. I also can’t help but love the sound of steel strings as a kid from Texas.  

For my practice journal, I want to start working on some larger pieces, so I’ll probably have fewer videos to put up as I go, but hopefully I’ll be able to make some better ones. Then of course there are my own compositions that are starting to come to life!

2 thoughts on “Adjustments

  1. For what it’s worth ? I suggest getting a D’off guitar.very inexpensive ,great vintage designs,’real’ wood of good quality, free shipping if you go via Reverb.I think it’s [possible to get something OK for under $200 still.I don’t work for them but I do have two with a third on the way-maybe even thinking of a fourth.One of mine is a wonderful old eccentric design ; it is shaped like a bell with oddly shaped holes near each side.The sound and sustained are incredible-it almost sounds like you have a soundport.It was designed in 1912 by a well known luthier and it’s looks are very ‘Art Nouveau’ .

    Max Cuthbert


    1. I’ve definately looked at their guitars as an option, but I’m at a point in my life where I don’t need to be buying more guitars, even though I might really want to haha. I also have enough luthier training that I enjoy playing around and making stuff. I’ll make what I have work for now, and in the future, who knows, perhaps I’ll be able to build my own proper seven string.


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