My other hobby that competes for creative time and energy is writing. I keep them both fairly intertwined because I write about musicians and of course, imagine the music they are playing. Since I’ve enjoyed practicing guitar and making videos, I figured why not start small and put a little composition practice here since I want to dream up music for a fantasy world. 

Right now I’m exploring pentatonics, so my first step is simple melody practice using various pentatonics. My eventual goal is to create different layers, chromatic, diatonic, and pentatonic. I’ll get into how I’m breaking things down and making a system out of it as I put more compositional stuff on the blog.

Here is my first bit of practice, different pentatonics all in a fairly straightforward style right now as I’m getting started. I wrote chords on top of some of it while I was messing around, but I didn’t put a lot of thought into it. Chords aren’t really my focus right now, but I’ll leave them there in cause anyone wants to mess around with them.

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