My Guitar

Today I want to talk a little about the guitar I’m playing. This guitar is one that I made myself … well made myself from a kit and under the guidance of a master luthier from Spain. And yes, that’s the photo on the homepage of this blog. It’s an Alaskian spruce top with Taiwanese Koa sides and back. This was actually a super fun process and I’d recommend anyone who wants to seriously study guitar to find a basic luthier class. Don’t do it because you think you can make a super awesome guitar, but do it because building a guitar will help you understand the instrument in a way you don’t from playing the instrument. Also, don’t be afraid of making a bad guitar. I can attest that even a so so handmade guitar is better than anything factory built. I personally think my guitar sounds amazing and I am no carpenter (plus, I did a terrible job setting my nut). If you’re interested in the particular kit I used, you can find it here from Taiwan Bass Wood, though be warned, the link is in Mandarin. Several of the staff speak very good English, so don’t be afraid to contact them in English.

So, some of you might be thinking, wait did you say from Spain. Aren’t you practicing Russian guitar? Then you might take a closer look and see that yes, I do only have six strings on my guitar. Well yes. I’m playing my guitar because well, I made it with my own two hands, and it makes more sense to me to use it than buy an entry level Russian guitar while beginning this experiment. This means that I don’t have the lowest string. Right now, this really isn’t a problem. So far I’ve been able to take everything up an octave or leave a note or two out without any issues. As I get into more complex literature perhaps I’ll start running into issues, but so far so good. I have adventures in luthier that might bear some fruit soon enough that will sate my desire for a seventh string, and of course I’m looking over guitars that I’m trying to stop myself from impulse buying. So, expect more on guitars in the future.

Todays journal piece is No.10 Andante. This one has a wonderful turn to a minor key and was great fun to get into some flat keys on the guitar. I like to finish it with a return to the major section rather than ending in the minor. I recorded it a bit slow because it was a late here and I didn’t want to have to record it a second time since I was already a little worried about the noise. It’s andante, but I feel like I’m a snail behind that. I’m not that fond of this recording, but lessons learned and I’m still going to put it here so you can have a listen. Hopefully I can revisit it and make a better recording of it.

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