Polonaise and Trio

Here is my first attempt to put one of the longer pieces from the Sychra journal here in my practice journal. All things considered, it went fairly well. My mind wandered a bit after I made it through the big runs and jumps though, so I made a stupid little mistake in the final part. But that’s the point of this journal, to put my imperfections where the world can see them so I don’t have to be afraid of them. I can already tell this practice journal is paying off because I doubt I could have made it through a piece this long no matter how many takes I made if I had tried even just a few months ago.

Second, I also realize because so much of the Russian guitar’s literature is from the Romantic period, I need to study up on some period practice. I honestly have no idea what a Polonaise is, so I just kinda played what felt right. While I’m not aiming to be a peroid performer, I still want to pay proper respect to the music rather than be ignorant.

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