Practice Practice

There’s always a bit to think about when blogkeeping (I just made that word up but I like it) and pacing is a question that pops up at the beginning. I thought once a week seems like a standard kind of pacing, and I would probably have enough to talk about to always keep a few weeks ahead in writing.

Then the weekend rolled around, and I realized I need to do my practice journal more if I’m going to grow from it. After all, that was the whole thing that got this blog started. So, I’ve decided that I can always throw up an extra video or two over the weekend and do my proper blog post during the week. That sounds good to me, so here it is.

This piece is one of the small ones from the Sychra Journal, No. 3 Masurque, and it was actually the first piece I recorded when I started my practice journal. It was fun to record it again and put it here. I put up the sheet music so you can follow along. I also think I need to up my resolution a little on my videos and stop making chewing faces while I play, but hey, maybe next time.

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