A few weeks ago I started an experiment. I’ve always been particularly nervous while recording, far more so than when performing. I decided to record a piece from my recent practice and put it on facebook. It wasn’t great. It wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t a performance piece. It was just a short little piece I was using as a reading exercise. Way more people liked it than I expected. Over the weekend I kept recording. One piece that had my parrot squawking so loud he was drowning out my guitar got even more likes. As a video of music, it was terrible, but people like it. They liked the idea behind it, that I was facing my flaws, and still willing to put this ‘bad’ recording up to do so. So now that the new year has come, I’ve decided to turn this experiment into a proper blog so I can also ramble about guitars, luthier, and indulge in my writer side as well.

Since I plan to keep up this practice journal, so what will I be practicing? Recently I’ve gotten into Russian Guitar, and there is a trove of wonderful music for it all online. I’m starting with the Sychra Journal which is a wonderful place to start and step into this vast and largely forgotten world of guitar.

As for the blog, I plan to share ideas on music and musicianship from my perspective, I want to share what I discover about Russian guitar as I explore, and finally I hope to share my own creative projects, from bland to absurd, in the worlds of composition and luthier.

So to begin, here is No. 5 Cottillon from the Sychra Journal. This is one of the smaller pieces, but I enjoy playing it quite a bit. My nerves are still pretty high, but most of the recording came out well. Hopefully I’ll be able to tackle some of the larger pieces comfortably in front of the camera soon enough!

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